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Sprinkler for washing photovoltaic modules

Solar module cleaning


APV WASHER® was developed to meet the demand for washing f modulesotovoltaic modules removing excessive dust with efficiency between 97 and 99%, using as a premise the determinations of the most demanding module manufacturers regarding washing without direct contact of any equipment or product application other than drinking water.

Reduce washing costs without interrupting production

A major concern in development was water consumption. PV WASHER® uses 1.2 L/module for single axis lines and 0.8 L/module for dual axis lines. Under normal access conditions, the PV WASHER® lava 37 m/min for single axle or 74 m/min for double axle, being able to produce 14,000 m/day or 24,000 m/day in one day.


Its global patent allows users who purchase this equipment, exclusivity that reverts to the end customer the preservation of the plant's greatest asset. It also provides washing without the need to shut down the system being washed, thus reducing generation losses caused by other cleaning systems.


PV WASHER® It is universally activated by the tractor power take-off. It was developed to be transported by road by any small utility vehicle weighing 320 kg empty.


Its washing is by spraying with controlled pressure in accordance with the module manufacturers' guidelines.


You can wash from the front or from the back of the module, in case the front access is interrupted by the tracker activation.


The applicability of PV WASHER® it can be for the first wash, which is right after the connection of the park, where the module is mostly found with excess dirt from long time exposure to dust and dew, or for periodic washing throughout the useful life of the module.

Its proven effectiveness is a minimum of 97% and a maximum of 99% in cleaning dust or other equally fine particles. Immediately after washing, especially when the module has been dirty for a long time, small stains caused by the impregnation of the dust x dew mixture may be noticed. These stains are, for the most part, only aesthetic and do not cause a decrease in generation.


However, for these cases of small stains, when requested by the customer, a MOP developed for the PV WASHER® specifically for those cases where the applied microfiber is of low adhesion and is applied after washing where there is no dust to provide friction. Applicability in these cases may occur in conjunction with mechanized washing through 2 (two) equally pressurized water outlets at the rear that will complete the finish together with the MOP.


PV WASHER® does not remove any kind of encrustation from bird droppings, dead insects, glue or any other encrustation. In these cases, when requested by the customer and duly registered, the MOP may be used.


However, depending on the incrustation time, excrement, insects, etc., can even be removed without applying force and excessive scrubbing, but even so, the stain will remain. For the obligatory removal of this type of stain, only with the guidance of the module manufacturer for the definition of the product to be used.


PV WASHER® the module does not dry after washing and, therefore, when requested, it must be structured separately.

Consult our sales center and learn more about the equipment.

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