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Photovoltaic Solar Plant

Estação de energia solar

GLD Energia offers the market extensive expertise in project development for medium to large-sized plants.

We operate on all fronts necessary for the full development of solar plants throughout Brazil.

Discover below some of our expertise.


  • Electrical, mechanical and civil design;

  • Pull Out and SPT soil sounding;

  • General layout of the plant, georeferenced with contour lines; 

  • Study of elevation profiles and cut and fill plans;

  • Details of auxiliary services and CCTV;

  • Other activities.


  • Photovoltaic Modules;

  • Mechanical Structures/Trackers;

  • Skid / Electrocenter;

  • Solarimetric Station;

  • Miscellaneous.


  • Opening and Closing ditches;

  • Fixing of piles of structures;

  • River water channels;

  • Passage boxes;

  • Galleries/Cargo passage;

  • Vegetal supression;

  • street layout;

  • Construction site;

  • Other activities.

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