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For the purposes of this Policy and the applicable laws, GLD Energia understands as personal data any information that identifies the User or allows his/her identification. 

All data requested by GLD Energia is of some use, being related to the Services provided by the company and used to improve these Services, the User experience on our website and the development of new Services that are of interest to you, as well as to enable partnerships and associations that Eduardo Jr may make in the future and promote greater protection of User data.

As a result of offering the Platform and the Services provided, GLD Energia may collect the following data:

Registration data: data such as first name, last name, e-mail, address, city of residence and profession, contact telephone number, RG, CPF, date of birth, gender and professional registration. In cases where it is necessary to process sensitive personal data, this treatment will be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the applicable legislation.

Navigation-related data: data such as access to GLD Energia pages and Services, posted content, recommendations, comments, interaction with other profiles and Users, information contained in chat conversations, geolocation, count of topics and profiles followed, in addition to data collected while the User uses our website, such as location data derived from his IP address or other means, technical data, such as the computers, devices and devices used, type of network connection and performance of the provider, network and device used . In addition, to detect the location of Users, it will be possible to access Global Positioning System (GPS) signals and other information sent by the mobile device used.

Data regarding payment and transactions: data required due to any operation requesting the use of the Services, such as bank details, credit card number and other information about the card, in addition to information regarding payments made.

Public data: personal data whose access is public, or which have been manifestly made public by its holder, including any sensitive data contained in these documents (such as those defined by Brazilian legislation, such as those that reveal religious, political or sexual orientation, philosophical conviction, participation in political or social movements, health or genetic information) and publicly accessible content, emphasizing that the processing of such data must take into account the purpose, good faith and public interest that justified its availability.

By browsing the site, you are agreeing to the terms of the policies.

First Party date

own remarketing


  • Also called proprietary data, first-party data is all the data your company collects directly from consumers and audiences for its own use. This data is obtained through registrations on the website, marketing campaigns, social networks, CRM systems, survey forms, among others. We do not use c dataoleted by third parties. Most common data collected:

  • Mailing lists: We may occasionally deliver messages to you.It is as long as you provide a contact form or make some kind of registration on our website.

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