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O & M


GLD Energia offers theoperation and maintenance of photovoltaic plants with state-of-the-art analysis.

In operation, GLD provides its customers with the capture and analysis of generation data daily through the systemSCADA that we install in the monitored plants.

In the provision of maintenance, we can work with long service contracts or even on demand.


Real-time monitoring being:

  • Energy Generation by String;

  • Energy generation per day and per month (versus foreseen in the project);

  • Measurement at the distributor entrance (consumed and injected energy);

  • Energy measurement at various points of the plant;

  • Configurable alarm;

  • Solarimetric station: temperature, humidity and insulation;

  • Comparison of measured versus expected energy;

  • Reading and command of medium voltage relays;

  • Command and status of plant circuit breakers;

  • Measurement of losses between generation and the distributor's meter.


  • Module washing;

  • Vegetation Control;

  • Maintenance of inverters;

  • Transformer Maintenance;

  • Maintenance of Skids and Combiner;

  • Maintenance of the Auxiliary System;

  • Maintenance of the Measurement Cubicle;

  • Maintenance backlog;

  • Compliance with the schedule;

  • Photographic reports of activities;

  • Best practices and lessons learned section.


Maintenance assistance consists of detecting system data different from those foreseen in the project, making the possible corrections via the web.


If there is a need for a face-to-face visit to reschedule and/or replace the equipment, it will be released after analyzing the data.

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